Suspect in homeless killings faces additional murder charges

        When you think of a homeless person, you might or might not feel pity for them. I myself feel bad and give whatever money I have at the moment. It is not only the right thing to do but it is what you ARE supposed to do. A man by the name of Itzcoatl Ocampo killed four homeless men. He stabbed one of them more than forty times!

        Ocampo was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He has probably witnessed many deaths and has probably killed someone first hand. What he did in Southern California though does not compare with what he did to those homeless men. There is still more to his life though.

        Not only is Ocampo accused of murdering four homeless men, but he is also accused of murdering a fifty two year old women and a thirty four year old man. The women is said to have been stabbed more than thirty times and the man sixty. Their bodies were found surrounded in blood.

        It truly is sad to hear these kinds of things. I agree that Ocampo must be punished regardless of the fact that he is a Marine Corps Veteran. A total of five men and one woman were killed by this man. He should indeed be punished and put in jail.



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One Response to Suspect in homeless killings faces additional murder charges

  1. I agree with you. Its wrong to kill a homeless people. What if it was YOU! They are humans just like us. They breathe , eat and can also feel pain like we do. They murder who killed them should be put in jail. Everyone needs justice no matter what their class are or their race. We are one nation and everybody should be included not excluded.

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