My reply to what happened to Trayvon Martin

Boom. Now imagine death. Hard right? That’s because we haven’t actually went through death yet. Now imagine how much it would hurt to have a bullet to the head. Yikes. Mr. Martin was a young man that was just walking and acting normal. That’s not what it seemed to Zimmerman though. Zimmerman was told not to engage the young man but still decided to. He was probably thinking at the moment that this was just a bit weird. I can see why he would suspect something and follow a little bit, but why engage with this, at the moment, unknown person? That’s just being dumb. Let’s admit. If we saw someone doing something suspicious, we would call the police. Unless we are as light headed as Zimmerman over here, we wouldn’t engage the person. That is, unless you want to die, right? Come on, we all want to die right? You must be out of your mind! I wouldn’t want to be walking down a street and then get shot on the back of my head! I’m too young to die! Seriously! But all joking aside, (and yes I was joking) I want to live. I am pretty sure Mr. Martin wanted to live. I am pretty sure YOU want to live. We all do. The young man was eating skittles. He probably couldn’t finish the skittles. That’s a waste of perfectly good……. junk food! Anyway, Zimmerman is still out there. I am not saying he has to go to jail for ten thousand years, but he has to pay for what he has done. We might not know if he just did that for fun, but killing someone in general isn’t that great of a thing to do (at least I don’t think so). To sum it up, Martin was a young man that died a bit to early in life. He should be remembered.

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2 Responses to My reply to what happened to Trayvon Martin

  1. alexismlugo says:

    I agree with you because he was only 17, come on now that is no age to be leaving this earth. Everyone deserve to have a long good life and you can’t tell me there isn’t a person out there who goes out and at whatever time at night because their hungry and want a snack.

  2. I agree with you and i also like how you start your op-ed. It still hard to believe more people dying in a young age than an old age. It just shows you never know when it is your last day on earth.It just sad that he had to leave the earth in a sense of violence. It also shows people will kill for no reason at all. Rest in peace Trayvon Martin!!!!!!!

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