Jospeh Kony 2012

Joseph Kony, a man that placed terror in the hearts of the Ugandan people. Children were abducted and people were murdered. The boys that were kidnapped are now apart of his army. These boys were forced to shoot their own parents! The girls were made into sex slaves. That is just disgusting! This man was not known to the world, but thanks to the hard work of three American videographers, many people have come together to bring the man known as Joseph Kony to justice! Keep in mind that once our troops find this man, they might be forced to shoot young boys who are forced to protect Joseph Kony. There are a total of at least 30, 000 children under his control. All were abducted during the night in their sleeps. Some speculations say that in the beginning parents were thinking that African tigers were invading homes and taking children away. After some time, they finally figured out that their children were being kidnapped. How would you react if you were a parent and your child was being abducted? We all would agree that we would take action as soon as possible. Keep in mind though that the government at first did nothing to help. Later after the persuasion of millions of people who joined the cause of capturing Kony, the government heard our demands and agreed to send over men to try and help capture Kony. It is only right for us to show love by helping this cause. Donate money if you can. This will indeed help the 1.7 million displaced people.

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2 Responses to Jospeh Kony 2012

  1. That is a sad and scary story, That a man could to such a thing to these people. My mother would not let me go because my mom would take a bullet for me and my sisters. My mother would do anything to keep her three little angels safe no matter what. I know many parents fight for their kids. Having the kids killed their own parents is just wrong. The kids are going to have a lot of metal problem and they would need counselors. He is damaging the children into war machine. I agree with your understanding.

  2. damonadunnjr says:

    Alright. I have alot to say about Joseph Kony. He is the worlds most disgusting criminal that I have heard of in this day and age. Like, I’ve of being heartless, but this is just pure madness. Like, if this had happeneed in the United States, there would be flocksa of people hunting him down and trying to take him out.
    Whenever and however fast that he can be captured, I hope that someday, somehow, this horrible man tht is known as Joseph Kony, Can be brought to the righteous justice that he most certainly deserves. I don’t any kind of child of mine living in a world that is corrupt ads it is now. I pray for the peopke of Uganda. I really pray.

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