I am Media Literate

I found out about this message through CBS. Though they are people who tell news, this is the kind of news that catches people’s attentions. The purpose was to show that kids now a days can easily get access to things like guns.

The target audience would be teenagers. This message shows that teenagers could easily get harmed in one day. It also shows that teenagers should be nice to each other and be supportive.

They inform us through pictures and videos of the event. They persuade us by telling us that teenagers should be careful of what they do to others. They do not entertain us. Attention is attracted when they mention about a gun and murder.

Messages about the kids are told. One kid did liked something while another probably disliked it. Overall, they were all the same.

The event happened less than a week ago. Due to the fact that the information I got was from CBS News, I can believe the information was accurate and credible.

Information about the killer might be important. It just wouldn’t hurt to know stuff about the kid who killed the three other kids and injured the 2.

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