Response to Face Veils

     Well, in my opinion, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear face veils. Getting beat and not being able to do small things without permission from men is a whole different story. First of all, everyone has their rights. Regardless of being a male or a female, dog or cat, it reallty doesn’t matter. You are a living thing. You should be able to do what ever you want. That doesn’t mean that you can go around stabing random people though. There are limits, but no limits to things like religion or freedom of speech.

     I believe that this law does indeed infringe on Muslim culture. People might or might no like Muslims, but that does not mean they should not be able to follow their religion. That means there is no freedom of religion. Christianity and Muslim beliefs have their differences, but also have the same similarities. Similarities include respect to Mary and the saints.

The final thing I want to say is that France allows many religions and allows people to get away with many things. Muslim women decide to wear full black clothing. Now all of a sudden, France decides to go against their style. I mean, I’ll be honest, they look scary. That does not mean that they should not be able to wear it. Come on, they are not gonna go against what they wear, will they?


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4 Responses to Response to Face Veils

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  2. damonadunnjr says:

    yeop um like i totally agree man

  3. alexismlugo says:

    I absolutely agree with you on this because everyone has a right to follow their religion no matter how the public judges it or may consider it bizzare, Muslims still have there right to practice what they anticipate in.

  4. I like how you put cat or dog lol. I also agree that the women should have the right to wear face veil. Each should have the one thing they believe whether the big man says it or not .Each people is unique not only by religion but by customs and traditions. Many Muslims leave their country to have a better life. the one thing they have France want to take it away from them.

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