Project I Am Manuscript

Remember that day when a certain man stood on the steps of Lincoln Memorial fighting for the rights of men and women alike? Well here he is today standing in front of you in the year 2012. I had a dream that all men would respect each other when it came to equality! That dream is still intact as I stand in front of you. No racist slur or phrase is going to make me change my dream. Though our racist friends are scarce compared to the days of slavery, we still face the after effects of it. The “it” I am referring to is racism.

Racism nowadays is used as a form of humor. I have overheard young children calling other kids of their ages certain names. An example would be when one white kid called another black kid Kunta Kinte. I do not know if all of you know who Kunta Kinte was but he was a young man who was sold to a slave owner. Kunta Kinte went as far as getting half his right foot cut of just to keep a hold of his real name. The reason why I brought up Kunta Kinte is due to the fact that he is a black man that was treated badly by white men. Kids should not be using his name as a joke. Rather, they should learn from what has happened to him.

Let me throw out some facts that might strike you interesting. Did you know that white men with a criminal record are more likely to be called back for a job interview than black men with no record, even when their education and experience are the same? Did you know that students of color are far less likely to be put in honors courses even after you take test scores and grades into account? Did you know that students of color are more than twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school even though they are not much more likely to break school rules than whites? This goes to show how racism is still in play nowadays.

Blacks aren’t the only ones who are affected by racism though. Asians are also affected by racism. Though Asian racism is not as bad compared to blacks, they too were persecuted in the past. Many were not even allowed to enter the United States. This led to many problems. These problems are still written on the hearts of Asians and foreigners alike.

I would like to end this conversation as you might like to call it by pointing out that we face racism every single day of our life. Though it might not be as severe as it was in the past, we are still being separated from each other very slowly. That is why I must ask all of you to not engage in racist conversations and putting people down in general. It will only lead to harm and in most cases, defeat.


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Suspect in homeless killings faces additional murder charges

        When you think of a homeless person, you might or might not feel pity for them. I myself feel bad and give whatever money I have at the moment. It is not only the right thing to do but it is what you ARE supposed to do. A man by the name of Itzcoatl Ocampo killed four homeless men. He stabbed one of them more than forty times!

        Ocampo was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He has probably witnessed many deaths and has probably killed someone first hand. What he did in Southern California though does not compare with what he did to those homeless men. There is still more to his life though.

        Not only is Ocampo accused of murdering four homeless men, but he is also accused of murdering a fifty two year old women and a thirty four year old man. The women is said to have been stabbed more than thirty times and the man sixty. Their bodies were found surrounded in blood.

        It truly is sad to hear these kinds of things. I agree that Ocampo must be punished regardless of the fact that he is a Marine Corps Veteran. A total of five men and one woman were killed by this man. He should indeed be punished and put in jail.



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My reply to what happened to Trayvon Martin

Boom. Now imagine death. Hard right? That’s because we haven’t actually went through death yet. Now imagine how much it would hurt to have a bullet to the head. Yikes. Mr. Martin was a young man that was just walking and acting normal. That’s not what it seemed to Zimmerman though. Zimmerman was told not to engage the young man but still decided to. He was probably thinking at the moment that this was just a bit weird. I can see why he would suspect something and follow a little bit, but why engage with this, at the moment, unknown person? That’s just being dumb. Let’s admit. If we saw someone doing something suspicious, we would call the police. Unless we are as light headed as Zimmerman over here, we wouldn’t engage the person. That is, unless you want to die, right? Come on, we all want to die right? You must be out of your mind! I wouldn’t want to be walking down a street and then get shot on the back of my head! I’m too young to die! Seriously! But all joking aside, (and yes I was joking) I want to live. I am pretty sure Mr. Martin wanted to live. I am pretty sure YOU want to live. We all do. The young man was eating skittles. He probably couldn’t finish the skittles. That’s a waste of perfectly good……. junk food! Anyway, Zimmerman is still out there. I am not saying he has to go to jail for ten thousand years, but he has to pay for what he has done. We might not know if he just did that for fun, but killing someone in general isn’t that great of a thing to do (at least I don’t think so). To sum it up, Martin was a young man that died a bit to early in life. He should be remembered.

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Jospeh Kony 2012

Joseph Kony, a man that placed terror in the hearts of the Ugandan people. Children were abducted and people were murdered. The boys that were kidnapped are now apart of his army. These boys were forced to shoot their own parents! The girls were made into sex slaves. That is just disgusting! This man was not known to the world, but thanks to the hard work of three American videographers, many people have come together to bring the man known as Joseph Kony to justice! Keep in mind that once our troops find this man, they might be forced to shoot young boys who are forced to protect Joseph Kony. There are a total of at least 30, 000 children under his control. All were abducted during the night in their sleeps. Some speculations say that in the beginning parents were thinking that African tigers were invading homes and taking children away. After some time, they finally figured out that their children were being kidnapped. How would you react if you were a parent and your child was being abducted? We all would agree that we would take action as soon as possible. Keep in mind though that the government at first did nothing to help. Later after the persuasion of millions of people who joined the cause of capturing Kony, the government heard our demands and agreed to send over men to try and help capture Kony. It is only right for us to show love by helping this cause. Donate money if you can. This will indeed help the 1.7 million displaced people.

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I am Media Literate

I found out about this message through CBS. Though they are people who tell news, this is the kind of news that catches people’s attentions. The purpose was to show that kids now a days can easily get access to things like guns.

The target audience would be teenagers. This message shows that teenagers could easily get harmed in one day. It also shows that teenagers should be nice to each other and be supportive.

They inform us through pictures and videos of the event. They persuade us by telling us that teenagers should be careful of what they do to others. They do not entertain us. Attention is attracted when they mention about a gun and murder.

Messages about the kids are told. One kid did liked something while another probably disliked it. Overall, they were all the same.

The event happened less than a week ago. Due to the fact that the information I got was from CBS News, I can believe the information was accurate and credible.

Information about the killer might be important. It just wouldn’t hurt to know stuff about the kid who killed the three other kids and injured the 2.

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Response to Face Veils

     Well, in my opinion, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear face veils. Getting beat and not being able to do small things without permission from men is a whole different story. First of all, everyone has their rights. Regardless of being a male or a female, dog or cat, it reallty doesn’t matter. You are a living thing. You should be able to do what ever you want. That doesn’t mean that you can go around stabing random people though. There are limits, but no limits to things like religion or freedom of speech.

     I believe that this law does indeed infringe on Muslim culture. People might or might no like Muslims, but that does not mean they should not be able to follow their religion. That means there is no freedom of religion. Christianity and Muslim beliefs have their differences, but also have the same similarities. Similarities include respect to Mary and the saints.

The final thing I want to say is that France allows many religions and allows people to get away with many things. Muslim women decide to wear full black clothing. Now all of a sudden, France decides to go against their style. I mean, I’ll be honest, they look scary. That does not mean that they should not be able to wear it. Come on, they are not gonna go against what they wear, will they?


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